Combined machine for the separation and compaction of solid present on the waste water coming from municipal and industrial plants of various kinds.

The machine is composed by:
• Loading basket: drilled sheet or wedge wire
• Transport section: tubular or U-section
• Compaction and discharging section
• Adjustable feet

The compactor, located in the upper part of the machine at the end of the transport section, carries out the compaction/dehydration of the solid to reduce the weight and the volume.


Installation directly in the channel
• Low speed of rotation and no intermediate supports
• Self-cleaning with brushes fit on the screw
• Low maintenance and low initial investment
• Considerable reduction of volume and weight at the end of processing (up to 50%)
• High percentage of solid removed


Baskets’ side extensions
Transport section washing system
Insulated heating tub
Screw speed variation device
Bag-filling system ongoing
Transport section extension – shortening