This rotary combined machine is used for the separation and subsequent dewatering and compacting of the solid content in wastewater coming from industrial and municipal plants.

The machine is composed by:
• External structure in stainless steel AISI304 L/316 L
• Screw in high carbon steel or stainless steel AISI304 L/316 L
• Outer rotary loading drum concentric to the loading basket (drilled sheet or wedge wire)
• Loading basket
• Transport section: tube or U-shape trough
• Discharging section: with compactor
• Driver and gear reducer
• Supporting adjustable foot

The solid in the sewage enters in the basket occluding it, bringing an increase of the level before the filter. A level sensor sends a signal to start the rotation of the screw screen and consequentely of the outer rotary loading drum. During rotation the outer rotary loading drum discharges solid in the screw conveyor with the aid of outer rotary loading drum washing system. The outer surface of the screw screen is further cleaned by brushes fixed on the outer side screw so that makes cleaning action during rotation. The compactor located at the end of the transport section, on top of the machine, makes compaction and dehydratation of solid, to reduce weight and volume.


• Low speed of rotation and no intermediate supports
• Self-cleaning with brushes fit on the screw
• Low maintenance and low initial investment
• Considerable reduction of volume and weight at the end of processing (up to 50%)
• High percentage of solid removed