• Electrical actuator
• Handling column
• Manual reducer
Adjustable devices for the interception of the flow of fluids in channels or ducts, controlling the flow (and capacity).
It consist of:
• Sliding frame the shield of bent metal sheet (SS AISI 304 or 316) and shaped
• Reinforced shield (SS AISI 304 or 316)
• TPN sliding screw of salient type
• Sliding lead nut of TPN screw incorporated on handwheel
• Lateral guides in polyethylene for sealing 3 sides and weir type
• EPDM for sealing 4 sides
• Handwheel
Turning the handwheel on the upper side of the penstock, shield rises or lowers varying the section that can be crossed by the fluid.
• Municipal sewage
• Industrial wastewater treatment
• Cattle-breeding, foodstuffs industries, farms, slaughterhouse, paper-mill, tannery
• Irrigation
• Waterworks
• Energy sector